About APFN

Futures Studies and Strategic Foresight is a rapidly growing field in the Asia-Pacific region. GIFS has witnessed an explosion of interest in Futures Thinking in Asia: from Tamkang University’s Foresight Program and the emergence of various presidential foresight initiatives; the spread of foresight in government ministries; foresight-driven government projects in Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan; the increasing number of international organizations, corporations and financial institutions supporting foresight courses in Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, and Iran; plus an emerging interest of many leading universities in Asia, it seems apparent that Futures Studies and Foresight have indeed arrived in many parts of the Asia-Pacific region.

Many senior and emerging futurists agreed that a yearly meeting was needed to provide a space for futurists to analyze, synthesize, and reflect on emerging issues and trends, create new knowledge and experiences for anticipatory action learning education and research, and strengthen the link between futures theory and practice in Asia. Therefore, in 2015 the Asia Pacific Futures Network (or Futurists) Network was founded.

The Asia-Pacific Futurists Network Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand is the 7th Asia-Pacific futurists network meeting, with the inaugural gathering and 2nd year having been hosted by Tamkang University in Taiwan, the 3rd in Seoul in April 2017, and the 4th (August 2018) and 5th (September 2019) hosted by Bangkok. The 6th was in a virtual format and organised by colleagues in the Philippines.

The Change Initiative, along with our partners and sponsors are both humbled and excited to host the 7th Annual APFN, again in a virtual format, yet still promising to cultivate powerful spaces for co-creation, knowledge-sharing and reimagining the Futures of Asia and the Pacific. As we embark on this collective journey in exploring "Recipes for Change", we might also heed the signals and signs of what might emerge for the Futures of the APFN.