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Hosted for the 2nd time virtually, the 7th Annual APFN Conference intends to take a three-track approach catering to practitioners, academic researchers, and government leaders simultaneously.

The organizers of the conference intend to focus specifically on good practices and success stories, new and innovative approaches, and experience-sharing on how to create sustainable post-pandemic futures in the Asia-Pacific and beyond.

Based on current trends, what might the region look like in a post-pandemic future?

  • What are emerging issues/disruptors that could alter this trajectory?

  • How can we create sustainable societies and economies while tackling some of the biggest questions around issues such as climate change, nutrition or future pandemics?

  • And what are the alternative futures of the Asia-Pacific region?

Or to say it in the words of the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres:

The world is facing an unprecedented test. And this is the moment of truth...The recovery from the COVID-19 crisis must lead to a different economy.... Everything we do during and after this crisis must be with a strong focus on building more equal, inclusive, and sustainable economies and societies that are more resilient in the face of pandemics, climate change, and the many other global challenges we face.

We will cultivate the space for a dynamic peer-to-peer learning conference with extended space for networking and through interaction, genuine knowledge-sharing. Moreover, we aspire to enhance the futures literacy of newcomers to the field: thereby empowering them to make more informed policy and strategic decisions today, for tomorrow.


  • Imagine the futures of various Asian and Pacific countries and regions, explore disruptions and co-create alternative futures

  • Share methods, tools and innovations for futures thinking and strategic foresight

  • Support the advancement of methods, practices and complementary approaches to the changing needs of policymakers

  • Demonstrate how foresight has served to/can further influence policy processes and decisions

  • Promote cooperation and networking among participants as well as share experiences between members of diverse organizations and backgrounds

  • Stimulate the uptake of these approaches and exchange between practitioners and policymakers ultimately to increase the profile and applications of futures thinking and foresight in the Asia-Pacific.

Registration and Ticketing:

Conference Donation/Charitable Contribution

(Please read carefully)

The Asia-Pacific Futures Network is committed to inclusion and access, so we are excited to share with you a new initiative related to our donation-based fee structure for this year’s conference.

We will again raise a nominal fee, requesting a suggested donation of 25 USD per participant. This year, 10 USD of every 25 USD raised in ticket proceeds will help to fund our Myanmar Students Futures Initiative.

Countless students continue to be impacted by the ongoing civil unrest in the country and it is our mission to empower as many as we can, through your contributions, with futures thinking and foresight education.

We will offer four ticket types. Please visit the registration page for more details.

Suggested Contribution for APFN 2021 Speakers & Attendees: 25 USD

Suggested Contribution for Current Students: 10 USD

APFN 2021 Speakers, Attendees & Current Students: Donate What You Can

Fee Waiver: Attend APFN at No Cost

The conference donation can be paid online via the Registration Page from August 16, 2021 onwards.

Steering Committee for the 7th Conference

  • Mr. Jost Wagner, Managing Director, The Change Initiative, Bangkok

  • Professor Sohail Inayatullah, Inaugural UNESCO Chair for Future Studies & Co-Founder at Metafuture School

  • Ms. Sophia Bazile, FLYP Consulting & Community, Learning, Development at Futures Space

Organizing Team

  • Mr. Jost Wagner, Managing Director, The Change Initiative (Conference Director)

  • Ms. Sophia Bazile, FLYP Consulting (Conference Co-Director)

  • Ms. Nathamon (Apple) Tanapurihiran, The Change Initiative (Event Manager)

Supporting APFN Members

Mr. Adam Sharpe, Founder at Futurely & Director for Learning at Metafuture

Dr. Nur Anisah Abdullah, Graduate Institute of Futures Studies, Tamkang University

Dr. John A. Sweeney, Co-Editor, World Futures Review | Co-Founder, Participatory Global Swarm

Dr. Ora-orn Poocharoen, School of Public Policy, University of Chiang Mai

Ms. Shiela R. Castillo, Co-Founder at Philippine Futures Thinking Society

Dr. Shermon Cruz, Center for Engaged Foresight

and many more...

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