Day 1- Thursday, September 16:
Futures Spice Bazaar BarCamp Sessions

Welcome to the Futures Spice Bazaar, where you get to sample 2 of the 6 curated and crafted Futures-Flavours. Each tasting session is 40 minutes long and there will be two rounds. Enjoy your visit to BarCamp!

Everything at the Futures Spice Bazaar is highly participatory, futures-focused, and may serve as a recipe for change and transformation.

Spice Bazaar A:

"Human Flourishing:
What is Possible Today & Tomorrow?
Facilitator: James Norris | Upgradable

What's in store...

A short introduction to Upgradable’s research on human flourishing, including what’s possible today and what might be possible tomorrow. Following that will be a collaborative, practical session guiding participants through the development of their own personalized flourishing protocol.

James Norris

All his life, James has been searching for the best ways to change himself and change the world.

He started as an entrepreneur at age 6 and since has co-founded or helped build 9 businesses and 16 organizations. This includes the premier conference for the Effective Altruism movement, the world’s first global lifehacking event series, Southeast Asia’s first social innovation hackathon series, a university for today’s Leonardo da Vincis, and Singapore Futurists.

He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin as a triple major/quadruple minor.

"Introspection & Co-Creation"
The Lotus Framework
Facilitator: Prateeksha Singh, Head of Experimentation Asia Pacific Regional Centre, UNDP

Prateeksha Singh

Head of Experimentation, Asia Pacific Regional Innovation Centre, United Nations Development Programme

What's in store...

This session attends to the possibility of reuniting design practices and foresight to facilitate futures imagination through co-designing future scenarios through fictional artifacts. This workshop intends to approach speculative design and co-design as methods that democratize and facilitate futures thinking.

Speculative design opens space for critical debates about new technology and its impacts on society, while increasingly immersive practices emphasize the value of experiencing possible futures, today.

Design speculation and fashion can act as a bridge to connect people to futures-thinking, exploring technological impacts in societies in more engaging forms, but also, reflecting on how these transformations can change society and consequently impact fashion.

This workshop explores potential futures for fashion as material culture, exploring new values and meanings that fashion can assume in alternative and more sustainable futures.

"Dreams and Disruptions"
Facilitators: Professor Shermon Cruz, Chair, APF | Center for Engaged Foresght
Nicole Ann Parreno, Secretary to the Chair and Board Liaison, APF

What's in store...

How might we integrate randomness, shocks, chaos disorder, discontinuity and wildcards in mapping and anticipating emergence? How can leaders and movements change the conditions of change? How about planetary types of disruptions shaping the way we imagine the future? How might global disruptions affect our ways of knowing and imagining the real? We are moving into a more hyperlocalize and heterogenous world beyond multiplicities and pluralisms, can scenario building or dreaming be inclusive, diverse, ethical and reflective?

Dreams and Disruptions is a scenario-building card game that uses time horizons, drivers of change, leadership, and movements, as well as disruptors to create stress-tested and anti-fragile visions of the future. The game can be played a number of ways but has a general structure of three parts, each one building on the previous one, and provides an increasing level of complexity to challenge the imagination and creativity of players. The game incorporates inclusion and diversity of voices in emerging dreams of the future and overcoming/transcending disruptions. Values and ethics, ethnicity, cultural, and spiritual aspects are integrated into the game to arrive at holistic and bouncing forward scenarios.

The game was developed by the Center for Engaged Foresight, a global foresight consultancy firm based in Manila, Philippines.

Professor Shermon Cruz

He is currently the Chair of the Association of Professional Futurists (APF), the largest professional foresight association in the world with a membership of 500 professional foresight practitioners and experts in over 50 countries. He is the Chair of the Millennium Project Philippine Node, a global foresight research think-tank and an advisor to the UNESCO –Dubai Future Foundation Global Futures Literacy Initiative, the conference chair of the 6th Asia Pacific Futures Network, co-organizer of the Global Foresight Summit, Partner at the CSIRO Data 61 Asia Pacific Foresight Group Australia and Partner at the Supertrends Institute, a Switzerland based strategic foresight consulting company and Senior Consultant for Business Continuity Planning and Risk Management for John Clements Consultants.

He is the founder, executive director, and chief futurist of the Center for Engaged Foresight, a strategic foresight and futures innovation firm with global operations based in Manila. Prof. Cruz is co-founder, vice-president, and chief futurist of the Philippine Futures Thinking Society (PhilFutures), the only professional membership association of futurists and foresight practitioners in the Philippines. He is a supervising fellow at the DAP-GSPDM Certificate Course on Futures Thinking and part-time faculty at the UP-NCPAG Embedding Futures Thinking in Public Policy and Governance course.

Nicole Anne Parreno

She is an active member of the Philippine Futures Thinking Society and the Association of Professional Futurists, where she also serves as Secretary to the Chair and Board Liaison. Her experience in futures and foresight began with a Futures Thinking Course from the Development Academy of the Philippines, where her scenario paper on the future of Philippine Exports received an award. She was also an active volunteer for the 2020 Asia-Pacific Futures Network Conference, and the Philippine Futures Thinking Society's Founding Anniversary - the Fiesta of Imagination.

She likewise has a Certificate in Moonshot Thinking from the Futur/io Institute, and certification from the Institute For The Future for their Foresight Essentials Course. She currently assists the Center for Engaged Foresight in facilitating workshops for its University Futures program, funded by the Philippine Government.

Nicole was formerly an employee of the Commission on Human Rights prior to joining the labour movement, where she was introduced to various activities as a Policy and Advocacy Officer of the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines, and as legislative staff of the labor representative to Philippine Congress.

At the moment she is taking her graduate studies majoring in Public Policy at the University of the Philippines. She is particularly interested in the future of work, and how workers can make a just transition towards Industry 4.0.

Spice Bazaar B:

"Fashion Futures in Transitional Times"

Facilitator: Clarice Garcia, RMIT University

Clarice Garcia

Clarice Garcia has a background in design and trend forecasting. She has been developing trends and cultural analysis since 2014 for different industry sectors, such as fashion, entertainment, design, food and beverage, education, and automobile. As a trend forecaster, she has worked in partnership with important trend forecasting companies, such as The Future Laboratory, Kantar, Float, Questto Nò Maynone, Box 1824.

She concluded her master’s degree in Design at the University of Brasilia in 2017. In 2018 she published a book about color forecasting methods entitled ‘Color Forecasting: as previsoes de tendencias de cores na moda contemporanea’.

She is a doctoral researcher passionate about fashion as an expression of culture and social change. At RMIT University, she investigates how fashion forecasting might be transformed by design, fiction, and long-term thinking to contribute to a transition to more sustainable futures. Her interests lie where fashion, sustainability, culture, futures, design, and participation collide.

"Let’s Make a Futurist-Cooked Sci-Fi Film!"
Facilitator: Ali Montazami, Director, M.A Productions | Futurist | Film Director | Multi-Skill Artist | Mechanical Engineer

What's in store...

First, Ali Montazami, a professional futurist and film director who is the facilitator of this session, will present briefly about the common futures showing in contemporary blockbuster sci-fi films. Then the participants provide their ideas about what they think is missing and what to include in a new sci-fi film. Then with using Montazami’s developed Sci-fi filmmaking process, all participants will go through idea generation and phase by phase creating the inputs of a science fiction film together. Most of the session will be brain-storming but will also be directed to reach the required outcomes which can help to design the basic elements of a sci-fi film.

The participant futurists can include whatever they see missed in contemporary sci-fi films. However, the objective of this session is to collect seeds for the basic elements of a sci-fi short film or feature film that introduces a preferable future, doable solutions towards that, and also to be potentially enough attractive to grab the public audiences. The facilitator’s process will lead the outcomes towards this objective.

After finishing the session and APFN 2021 Conference, the team can continue together up to producing their versioned film. The outcome of this session will go through the filmmaking process by Ali Montazami as the scriptwriter and director of this film while any other participant can join the crew if they like. Any person who has a contribution to the film, whether in the APFN Spice Bazaar BarCamp session or the next phases, will receive adequate credit.

This drafted process for the upcoming BarCamp session might be upgraded before the session’s day aiming to have a more effective result.

Ali Montazami

Born in Tehran, Ali Montazami, is a Professional Futurist, Film Director, Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Designer, and multi-skill Artist with more than 25 years of multifunctional experience. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tabriz in Iran, 1999. Before moving to Taiwan in 2017, he used to serve as Consulting and TDC General Manager at Renault Iran, a branch of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. Despite creating several fundamental and systemic structures for the car manufacturing industry in Iran and directing technical and systemic departments and projects, Ali also innovated several designs for the products, vehicles, and technologies of the future.

Ali has received his Master’s Degree in Futures Studies from Tamkang University in Taiwan and his research thesis was about futures images in science fiction films and the preferred futures of youth. Since 2017, Ali has also included Futures Thinking into his consulting and training services to the organizations in Iran and Taiwan. He also served as Managing Assistant to the Journal of Futures Studies where he prepared more than 120 articles to be published and created some operational standards. Now, based in Taiwan, Ali is directing his co-founded M.A Productions Group where writing and producing futures-oriented fiction films and providing Futures Thinking workshops are among their major activities.

"The Future is Female" : IFTF's 1st 5 Minutes of the Future Game

Facilitator: Sophia Bazile, FLYP Consulting, 7th Conference Co-Director

Sophia Bazile

Sophia Bazile is

What's in store...